Parking Eye left a ticket on my windscreen

1. Introduction

This page explains your options if you receive a ticket (also know as a Parking Charge Notice) on your vehicle windscreen.    Note: if you have received a ticket in the mail, then refer to this page instead.
You have three options:
1. Totally ignore the ticket.
2. Appeal the ticket now now.
3. Appeal the ticket after Parking Eye write to the registered owner.
4. Pay the ticket now.
Each option is described under its own heading below.
Exactly what you decide to do next will depend on whether you think the charge is justified, how you feel about challenging it or ignoring it and what you think may happen if you do.

1. Totally ignore the ticket.

Before October 2012, it was possible to ignore a ticket from Parking Eye and Parking Eye could not take you to court (or would not succeed it if tried to take you to court) as it had no way of proving whether of identifying the driver.  And Parking Eye could only take action against the driver.

However, new legislation came into effect in October 2012.  The effect of this legislation is that Parking Eye can request the registered keeper to name the driver.  And if the registered keeper does not name the driver, then Parking Eye can pursue the registered keeper for the amount owing.

So do not ignore any PCN from Parking Eye.

2.  Appeal now

It is recommended that you don’t appeal now, but rather that you appeal after the registered keeper has received a notice to keeper.  The reason for that is explained in the next paragraph.  The one exception to this recommendation is if you were driving a hire car, company car or fleet car.  The reason for this exception is that the hire or fleet company may charge you for each letter they receive from Parking Eye.  See  this page for instructions on how to appeal now.

3.  Appeal later

This is the recommended option.  The recommended time to appeal is after the registered keeper has received a letter from Parking Eye.  The reason for that is that when Parking Eye pursue the registered keeper, the registered keeper has a lot more rights and protections.   The registered keeper then does the appeal in their own name, regardless of whether someone else was driving.  In their appeal the registered keeper doesn’t say who was driving, but refers to the “driver” in the third person, regardless of who was driving.  When the registered keeper receives a demand in the mail, refer to this page for instructions on how to deal with it.

4. Pay the fine now

Your decision on whether you wish to pay the fine now will depend on how likely  you think an appeal will be successful.  Although about a half of appeals are successful (meaning half fail), most people don’t know how to appeal.  We have found that if people follow the appeal instructions, then the are most likely to succeed in their appeal.


2. I was driving company car or a hire car

If it was a company car or hire car you were driving, then you should appeal the matter.  The instructions on how to appeal are on this page.  The reason you need to

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