Parking Eye appeal – template letter

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ParkingEye Limited
PO Box 565

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Parking Charge Reference number xxxxxxx  Vehicle registration: xxxxxxxx

I am the registered keeper of the above vehicle and have received the above demand from you.

I dispute owing you any amount and deny all liability in this matter.  Please accept this letter as a formal appeal under your appeals process.

The basis of my appeal is:

1. The amount you have claimed is not a genuine pre-estimate of any loss to either Parking Eye or the car park landowner.

2. The signs in your car park fail to comply with your Accredited Trade Association’s Code of Practice

3. No contract was formed with the driver due to the fact that your signs were was not sufficiently brought to the attention of the driver.

4. ParkingEye is not the landowner and therefore Parking Eye does not have the right to enter into a contract with a driver nor does Parking Eye have the right to bring a claim for trespass.

Please confirm in writing whether you accept my appeal and withdraw your demand.  If you reject my appeal, please provide the following particulars:

1) The basis of your charge (i.e. contract breach, trespass or contractual fee).

    •  If you are alleging breach of contract, I require a breakdown of the liquidated damages you claim were suffered, and by whom, and how each particular loss arose.
    • If you are alleging trespass please enclose evidence of the alleged perpetrator and proof of the liquidated damages alleged and the calculation of this sum.
    • If you alleging a “contractual fee” I request a VAT invoice from you and ask you to explain the daily rate for parking and service provided for that fee.

2) Please also advise the amount of money you would have recieved from the driver of my vehicle should the alleged contract have been met to your satisfaction.

3) Please advise the name and address of the landowner.

4) Please provide a POPLA code that allows me to appeal to POPLA.

If ParkingEye rejects my appeal: please do not contact me again with more demands as I deny owing Parking Eye any money and deny that any driver of my vehicle has entered into a contract with you. Any legal action you initiate against me will be defended.

Yours sincerely,

<the registered keeper’s signature>
<the registered keeper’s name>

Notes on customising your Parking Eye appeal letter

1)  The template is written from the point of view of the vehicle keeper, rather than the driver.  This is because the registered keeper has additional protections regarding appeals.
2)   If you have receipts or credit car statements showing you were shopping at shops at the car park, then inclose those receipts to your appeal and add the following line to the basis of your appeal after point 4.
- The driver was shopping at shops at the car park and I have enclosed evidence of the shopping.
Or alternatively, if you are a regular shopper there but didn’t keep the receipts this particular time, add the following line after point 4.
- The driver was shopping at shops at the car park at the time of the alleged breach.  The driver didn’t keep the receipts from this particular day, but is a regular shopper there and has enclosed other evidence that shows this.
3)  If the driver has another reason or excuse, they can also add a point 5 (or point 6), if that is the case.  For example:
– I did not actually park.  I drove in, couldn’t find a spot, then left without parking.
- My vehicle broke down and could not be moved.  I have included a copy of the AA receipt showing their attendance.
- There is an error in the number plate recognition system.  I did not park for longer that the allowable time.


2 comments on “Parking Eye appeal – template letter
  1. I registered keeper of vehicle ******* ,Parking eye reference 142161684899 dispute the parking fine due to the fact at no time did I leave my car Registration **** ***. I was genuinely waiting on my sister-in-law who was shopping in the supermarket. I would appreciate it if you would look into the matter asap.

    • jeageo45 says:

      Firstly, you should lodge your appeal using the form on the contact page of Parking Eye’s website. Secondly, even though you were waiting in the car, you are still considered to be parking. As well as appeal to Parking Eye, you should also contact the supermarket and ask them to contact Parking Eye to have your fine cancelled.

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