Parking Eye – How to appeal to POPLA

1.  Introduction to Parking Eye POPLA appeals

This page describes how to appeal to POPLA.  POPLA is an independent appeal bureau run by the Brittish Parking Association (BPA).  All member of the BPA (ParkingEye is a member) have to allow drivers to appeal to POPLA if the appeals to the company have been rejected.  So before you appeal to POPLA  you must have already have appealed to Parking Eye and had that appeal rejected by ParkingEye as explained on this page.

2. POPLA appeal – template letter

There are three different templates.  Please select the correct one based on your circumstances (free parking, paid parking and you paid, or paid parking and you didn’t pay).
a) Free Parking.

Use this template for your POPLA appeal if the car park had free parking.   e.g. the car park was free parking and Parking Eye claimed you exceeded the limit or failed to display a pass, parked over the lines etc.

b) Paid Parking and you paid.

Use this template for your POPLA appeal if the car park required payment (e.g. £2 per hour or some other fee), and you paid the required amount as far as you know.

c) Paid Parking and you didn’t pay.

Use this template for your POPLA appeal if the car park required payment (e.g. £2 per hour or some other fee), and you didn’t pay the required amount.

Once you have prepared your POPLA appeal letter using the instructions on the relevant page, carry on at step 3 below.

3. How to send your completed template to POPLA

When Parking Eye rejected your appeal, they should have included a POPLA appeal form in the rejection letter, or if they replied to you by email, then the should have included a link to the POPLA appeals page.   The POPLA appeals page is at and this is where you can lodge your POPLA appeal electronically.  If you want to reply by mail, the address to reply to is: Parking on Private Land Appeals,  PO Box 70748,  London, EC1P 1SN    Please note POPLA do not accept appeals to their email address.  Their email address ( should only be used for general enquires such as asking about procedures or asking about the status of your appeal that you have already lodged.

4. If POPLA accept your appeal

If POPLA accept your appeal, then the decision is binding on Parking Eye and ParkingEye cannot appeal the POPLA decision, and cannot take any further action against you, such as taking you to court.

5. If POPLA reject your appeal

If POPLA reject your appeal, you have the following three options:

1. Pay the amount of the notice within 28 days.

2. Pay nothing now, and wait and see if they send you court papers, and if they do send court papers, pay the notice before it gets to court.  The downside of this option is that the demand may then include some legal costs.

3. Pay nothing now, and wait to see if Parking Eye send you court papers.  And if you do receive court papers, then you defend it.

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