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Have you received a Parking Eye fine?  These notices are really called Parking Charge Notices (or PCN’s)  but because most people call them fines, I will do the same for now.  The quickest, most effective, way to get a Parking Eye fine cancelled is to contact the  landowner.  In 95% of car parks, you will find a landowner only too willing to help you have your Parking Eye fine cancelled.  All you need to do is convince the land owner that you were a genuine customer of theirs.

Parking Eye fine – find the landowner

Let’s say that you were fined in a retail park.  This is just for arguments sake, but it could equally have been  a car park at:

  • A hospital.
  • A residential complex.
  • A Sporting complex.
  • A hotel
  • Takeaway food store such as McDonalds
  • Leisure / Tourist car parks (such  as at beaches)

The idea is to find the owner of the land.  If it was a McDonalds where you received your Parking Eye fine, then the land owner is obvious.  If it was a retail park, you can usually find the name of the managing agent or a sign somewhere, or on the retail park’s website.  Once you have found out who the land owner is, you make an approach to them to have your fine cancelled.   You need to be assertive in this approach.  Explain you were a genuine customer of their business and what you want them to do.  Of course, what  you want them to do is contact Parking Eye on your behalf in order to have your Parking Eye fine cancelled.  When you approach the land owner, make sure you approach the right person.  For example, if it was a  McDonalds, don’t approach the  young person at the register. Ask for the store manager.  Also, be aware that on first approach the manager or person you talk to might initially be reluctant to help.  You therefore need to be assertive and stand your ground.  It is important to understand that the land owner is the one who has the overall contract with Parking Eye to manage their parking.  So Parking Eye will do what the land owner asks (ie. cancel your Parking Eye fine).

Other ways to find the landowner

It may not always be possible to contact the land owner in person.  For example,  you may be travelling and all ready have moved out of the area.  In this case, you find the company’s name in the telephone directory and call their head office, and ask to speak to the complaints department.  Another approach is to see if the company has a Facebook page.  Most of the larger companies do have a Facebook page that allows their customers to make comments.  McDonalds and Aldi certainly have Facebook pages.  If the company you are dealing with does have a Facebook page, put a comment on the page saying you are a genuine customer of theirs, but that you received a Parking Eye fine.  Tell them you the fine cancelled or you will not use their business again.  The great thing about this is that other customers can see your comments and this gives the company incentive to get the parking charge notice cancelled.   Retailers can also be victims in some ways just as motorists are.  When the retailer takes out a contract with Parking Eye, the retailer does not expect genuine customers to be harassed and coerced.   The retailers don’t mind of non customers are harassed, but they want to retain their genuine customers.

Sometimes you will find the retailer you shopped at isn’t responsible for the contract but can still get the Parking Eye fine cancelled.  For example, if you shopped at a small store in a large retail park.  In this case,  your small retailer can either help you in identifying the land owner, of they might offer to approach the land owner on your behalf.  You do not need a receipt, although a receipt always helps.

Following are some known avenues to complain to various retailers:

1. Aldi

If you are local, see your store manager.  If you are not local, email or


See Store Manager or complain on Facebook/Twitter.  Email the CEO:  Post a copy of the receipt to ‘Executive Relations’ at Head Office.


Have court papers been issued?

Many people have reported having their Parking Eye fines withdrawn even after they had received court papers.  However, you must still follow the deadlines for having your defence lodged with the court, whilst at the same time as lodging your defence, contact the land owner and start lobbying them to contact Parking Eye on  your behalf.


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