Natasha beats ParkingEye in court

Mrs Natasha Collins-Daniel received a parking charge notice from ParkingEye for £85 .  Ms  Collins-Daniel thought the amount was unfair and elected to take the matter to court.  The matter was subsequently heard in Bristol County Court on 24th January 2014 before Deputy District Judge Melville-Shreeve.

Deputy District Judge Melville-Shreeve ruled that the contract that enforced parking in the car park was very confusing to say the least.  And Deputy District Judge Melville-Shreeve also ruled that the amount charged was a penalty and unenforceable.  Ms Collins-Daniel only needed to speek once, when the judge asked her if she was happy to issue his judgment: “That’s fine thank you” she replied .   Judge Melville-Shreeve found in her favour, and refused Parking Eye’s request for leave to appeal.  Finally, when the judge discovered that Collins-Daniel was on maternity leave, he ordered ParkingEye to pay her £45 in compensation plus £9.80 for parking to attend court.

You can read a transcript of the court case here.


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