Morrisons Parking Eye fiasco

Sixty drivers were upset after being given parking fines by Parking Eye whilst spending a night out at the theatre.  The people had parked their vehicles at the Morrisons supermarket car park whist attending a theatre production on 15th April.  The car park is managed by the Parking Eye. They received the parking fine notices in the mail the following Saturday telling them they must pay an $85.00 fine.  In previous times, people attending a night time production at Auction Mart Lane playhouse have been allowed to park for free a Morrisons, as Morrison’s was closed.  Since the parking charge notices started appearing in peoples letterboxes, Morrisons’ supermarket staff have been swamped with complaints. Mr C Bell received an $85 fine.  Mr Bell was similarly outraged, having been present at the council meeting where it was agreed that motorists could park at Morrisons for up to two hours without charge.  Mr Bell wrote to Morrisons and to Parking Eye.  He also contacted Eden Council, raising concerns about the terms and conditions of parking at the store.  Anne Lamb lives near Junction 41 of the M6.  Ms Lamb is a regular theatre attendee and said she always parks at the Morrisons car park when attending a theatre production.  She said “it annoyed me – I am seventy years old and I have never had a parking ticket or parking fine in my life.  It has given me a terrible feeling”.  She described as “ridiculous” the fact that Morrisons had issued the fine, considered that it is possible to park elsewhere in Penrith for free after 6.00pm at night.  A Morrisons spokesperson said a new computer system had been put in place, which had been incorrectly programmed, resulting in the parking fine notices from ParkingEye.  He said “Morrisons apologies to everyone affected.  Our new parking computer system has been fixed and we ask those incorrectly fined on 15th April to approach the store manager who will contact ParkingEye to have the fines cancelled.  It is understood that between 50 and 90 drivers were fined by Parking Eye that night.  The Morrisons spokesperson said that the fines would be repaid if they had already been paid, or would be cancelled if they were yet to be paid.

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