Parking Eye mitigating circumstances

When you appeal to Parking Eye, or to POPLA, it is important to understand that mitigating cirumstances will not be taken into consideration by either Parking Eye or POPLA. If all you are going to do is put any of the following in your appeal, then you may as well not bother.

The following mitigating circumstances will not be accepted by Parking Eye or POPLA:
- I was at a doctor’s appointment and the doctor was running late, so I was late back to my car.
- The car park was empty.
- I didn’t have any change for the machine.
- My ticket fell off the dashboard when I closed my door.
- I put my ticket upside down by accident.
- It was an emergency.
- I was feeling sick and was going to a doctor’s appointment.
- I am 85 years old.
- It was the first time that I received a parking fine.
- I was running late for an appointment and didn’t have time to put a ticket on my dashboard.
- It was raining and I didn’t want to get wet walking to the ticket machine.
- I had young children with me.
- I was only 15 minutes over the 2 hour limit. The exception to this being if you were 10 minutes or less over, in which case the BPA code of practice dictates that Parking Eye must provide 10 minutes grace time to leave the car park.

The POPLA website ( states the following:

POPLA is unable to allow an appeal for mitigating circumstances. If the POPLA assessor that a mitigating circumstance is the the reason for the parking charge being issued, the assessor can request the parking operator to consider this, but cannot enforce it. If a parking operator has already rejected your appeal based on the mitigating circumstance you plan to bring to POPLA, it is unlikely it will agree to it the second time around“.

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